If you have ever seen plastic (Engineered Polymers) being made you can draw an interesting conclusion- its made primarily from crude oil!

Thats right, all that plastic waste in the oceans, landfills, farms (yes tons of plastic waste on every farm across the country) and in the can at your curb is


all headed to a slow grave locking that valuable commodity in for a long long time.

It didn’t take us long to realize that the plastic waste from our engineered polymer manufacturing was not only costing us money to dispose of but was also costing the earth a double hit… not just because its problematic to the environment but because it means even more crude oil needs to be refined to fill the ever growing demand.

“Why Not” reclaim that crude oil?

We set out to do just that and developed a technique and machine specifically to address this. It turns out the process isn’t new or unique, but in many cases flawed by conventional thinking and application. We have solved these issues and have successfully created a way to address the problem with a small. compact, portable machine that can turn plastic waste into fuel!