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For 14 years we have been providing cutting edge technology and manufacturing solutions to a vast array of industries. We have adapted and evolved not by asking WHY? but always asking WHY NOT?. This mentality has helped us challenge the norm and push limitations that confine and restrict traditional thinking which has led to new technology, products and the development of a number of spin-off divisions of our company.

From our original engineered polymer bearings for industrial applications we evolved into a supplier of performance enhancing technologies for extreme sports then on to professional racing. From here we developed a number of recycling technologies and products for everything from plastic to precious metals.
Our adaptation to changing demand coupled with our ability to ‘see’ technology trends we acquired numerous intellectual properties in robotics, drones and “3D HoloGraphic” projectors which has resulted in several retail products and OEM licensing of our core technologies.

Our newest venture is the culmination of all of our work through the years.

We have identified the fact that we have gained a great deal of experience, equipment, relationships and first hand knowledge from hard knocks… We recognized the value of our journey and identified the fact that we are well ahead of the curve.

So, one day we again asked- ‘WHY NOT’ apply this to outside companies and products? To open our Knowledge, Solutions and Results to the public, and with the answer came-

Production Partners         www.pro-parts.us

This new division is essentially an ‘Invention Factory’ that draws on our collective resources and provides a valuable service to everyone from the sole inventor with a new idea to the Mega-corporation that has been ordering parts from China based on an pseudo-low cost philosophy only to find that we can produce a better quality part, faster and more cost effectively and do it all domestically with quicker and lower cost shipping and logistics involved.
Oh and we speak English as our primary language and we accept US dollars so there is no monetary conversion penalty, wiring fee, or risk of foreign currency fluctuation to do business with us here in the US.

Our experience allows us to approach parts, products and ideas in a different way by asking ‘Why Not’? Many times we look at the end result and work back utilizing a ‘manufacturing’ design approach. What this means is that we do not necessarily sit down and design complications, from a manufacturing point of view, into the product but in fact design these complications out.

All these years later we still think of ourselves as a startup company.
We are quick and nimble with the ability to cut red tape, reduce endless committee meetings and get right to the job of providing results.
If there is a better, faster, more cost effective way, we find it. Working with us is much more than simply pushing paper and shipping parts or products, we take pride in our work and truly care about you and your project. Our goal is always to form a mutually beneficial relationship and it shows in every aspect of our team, company and its divisions.

We believe in keeping a positive attitude, enjoying every moment and doing good business. We take great pride in our work and we revel in ‘collaborative zen’ which is the magic that occurs when 2 or more people work together on a common goal in a way that multiplies each individuals skills and abilities many times more than their singular combined sum.


Joe Yatsko, founder and President, has been called a ‘serial inventor’ with a talent for discovering illusive obvious and turning the ‘why not’ into new technology.

Brian Simcic, Senior Design and R&D Engineer, with a meticulous attention to detail and never quit mentality is our product design specialist when it comes to the nuts and bolts.

Graig Calabrese, Business Development, is the Chief Project Manager and incredible visionary that has an exceptional mentality for grounding the chaos, he provides the solid business vector of our rapidly changing technology thrust.

Duane Becka, CCO (Chief Contracting Officer), Technical Consultant & field testing and General Manager, has a no nonsense approach to getting the job done. His favorite essential oil is bacon grease and he has no problem slaughtering a pig when necessary.

Ben Caulkins, Corporate Attorney and Legal Advisor, has been called Sir Lancelot as he rides in on his distinguished horse to take helm at the round table.

Jim Lucus, Accounting, the number guy that keeps track of the … numbers.

Derry Stauffer, IP Manager and Patent Agent, is the one man that can talk technical with you for hours on a single breath.

Alan Stauffer, Sales Manager and Distribution Specialist, has stated that he  has a hard time feeling smart when he is always in a room full of geniuses but his genius is in his extremely likable persona as a gifted salesman, his honest upfront approach is the soft hustle that just makes you want to work with him.

Tom Walton, Sales Manager and Marketing Coordinator, is the perfect blend of honest enthusiasm and persistent dedication, he finds a way to get the job done, close the deal or simply apply the Dale Carnage approach until he gets his ‘yes’.

Tom Fredrick, Director of Marketing Professional Racing, Tommy just keeps on trucking sometimes literally and he always delivers even if his bed is empty.

Don Steel, Production Manager and Quality Control Manager, with the rasp of a gravel laden harp he is the immovable object in the path of every unstoppable force.

Joe Yatsko, Logistics, not your grandpas root beer, the kick in the bottle may not be the 151 unless thats a reference to his shoe size.

Manish Jain, Software Development, can speak ‘code’ in multiple languages both verbally and electronically. He is the expert that is credited with writing the video library that nearly 100 other professional developers couldn’t solve… his talents fall into our same ‘why not’ approach and as such has earned a position with us as a standout among the otherwise ‘why’ ordinaries in his field of expertise.

Pooja Sharma, SMM Specialist, with her charm and finesse the boys in the yard seem to post a lot more references to milkshakes for some odd reason.


Our skilled, trained, refined and well groomed staff of creators, operators, assemblers, testers, packers, shippers,  and every other ‘or/er’ that can be imagined.

Welcome to our site!

Here you will find links to our Corporate Divisions, Products, and Our Team.

Contact us for more information or to do Good Business with Good People here in the USA and internationally!


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